Insider V Outside

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lom started the topic in Monday, 28 Feb 2011 at 12:27am

Forget Kelly v Mick v Taj v the rest- the real showdown is in the press tent. Who will win the battle of the pen(will Carroll get his pen back)?
Form Guide-
The Outsider- doing it tough gazing through the ASP bubble at the comforts of the penthouse couch, but like a leper climbing from an Indian slum (Gandhi style),with necessity being the mother of all invention, manages to squirrel away at the smallest morsel of a lead to produce insites never imagined by others who's livelyhood depends on giving the plebs what they want to hear( as long as it is cleared through the legal department of QuickRipABong first).
May come unstuck if the Messiah/buckowski(or whatever the fuck his name is) wears thin with the masses.....

The Insider- Doing it tough without his favourite biro and having to fight off the hordes of adoring fans who have mistaken him for another( world title holding brother).
It can't be possible to be objective when scantily clad buxom lasses are poring swill down your throat, in the hope that any altercations will have to be viewed from the safety of a well edited highlights package?
On the plus side he does have more pics breaking up the monotony for those modernday text and twitter fanatics( and saves him saying uumm- Tony Abbot style) but it is still hard to believe possible that THEY would allow him to report anything other than the party line.

And the winner is...........?