Stolen surfboards [pics], Victoria (...worth a punt)

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theevilpotato started the topic in Wednesday, 16 Feb 2011 at 8:51pm

This morning I woke up to find 4 surfboards stolen. offshore for the next few days too, and nowhere near enough cash to replace them.

They were stolen from the Elwood area in Melbourne.

I'm aware that this is unlikely to work but I thought I may as well put the word out.

Please, if you work in a second hand dealer in Vic, or you see anyone on one of these on the water, give me a ring, 0438249044.

I'm aware they aren't exactly the top of the line high performance boards (and we're not top of the line surfers) but without them we're marooned on land for the foreseeable future, so if you're a vicco surfer I'd really appreciate if you could keep your eyes out for them.

Adam, devastated surfer


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shaun Wednesday, 16 Feb 2011 at 11:09pm

Bad luck about the boards mate, you might have a slim hope of getting hope of getting the Trigger Bros. back but the others are generic asian made boards and there's thousands of them in Australia now, they are a board thieves dream as there is no distinguishing markings. No doubt they will be sold on ebay in a couple of weeks time and you will not be able to tell one from another, were they stolen from your home if so check your insurance. Lesson here is to buy from an Aussie shaper, if you get a custom it will most likely have a serial number that can be traced back to you.

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logger Tuesday, 22 Feb 2011 at 2:09am

hey mate
i had the same unfortunate fate befall me last year, and luckily managed to get mine back! - make sure you let Anglesea Surf Centre know, they sell alot of second hand boards, and often people take boards there to offload them - if you can send them a picture all the better - Bruce is the guy to talk to there:

Anglesea Surf Centre
111 Great Ocean Road
Anglesea VIC 3230
(03) 5263 1530

as for other methods, let cash converters know - usually a waste of time as they have their own nefarious way of moving stock!
good luck man, feel your pain