Bali in June 2011

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doorway started the topic in Wednesday, 29 Dec 2010 at 11:53am

Will be in Bali for a couple of weeks June next year and wanted to know if any one had any suggestions on a place to stay for about 4 nights with a budget of around $50.00 a day. Obviously I want to be able to surf every day and have done a little research on the net and it's just overload!!

Looking for a place thats easy going and something the wife would like as well that has easy access to a variety of spots or if the place can organise daily trips for a reasonable amount.

Or would it be easier not to organise anything prior to going and just see what happens when we get there.

Any ideas would be greatly helpfull :)

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indo-dreaming Saturday, 1 Jan 2011 at 7:37am

Legian is a good spot, bit out of the crazyness of Kuta, dont know what the prices are like but Puri raja is a good mid price option on the beach was fully renovated about 5 years ago, if the beach front options are to expensive there is heaps of cheaper hotels the street back from the beach(few hundred meters walk to the beach) places like Adika sari and a whole heap of other places i cant remember the names of.

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singkenken Sunday, 2 Jan 2011 at 2:01am

Doorway, plenty of options, just don't be confused by all the BS.I reckon the best option is 2 book a night somewhere you know, then choose what/where/who/how expensive on day one.Then enjoy the rest of your stay. Agree Pura Raja is good, you could also try Sayang Maha Murta ( older style but cheap & clean, although may be renovating jst now- US $16)or Villarisi (US $90). All surf options are then open by using surfshop contacts,"transpot" dudes, packages, or just "following your nose".Canngu, Balian also good options, but don't forget "east" coast /sanur too.