Dislocated Hip.

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andy-b_2 started the topic in Thursday, 23 Dec 2010 at 6:57am

Gday all.. I had my second surf today after 3 months of recovery after i dislocated my left hip while Surfng keramas in Bali in the start of October this year. It was the most painfull injury i have ever experienced in my 21 yrs of life.
God it Felt so good to back in the water.. My doctor originally said no surfing for 3 months on the first visit around a week after the accident however it was ok to swim in a pool or in the surf providing its only small (2ft ish). The second visit 5 weeks after the accident, my doc was extremely impressed with my recovery ( I had been swimming 300-500m each day i could get time in between the visits) and the he said give it till Christmas day and your good to go, but i just couldn't hold out any longer and i felt up to it. It felt fine in the water today with it not giving me any problems at all.. I have been doing a fair bit of physio which is really improving my core strength in that area, however i am still a little weak in my left leg as i noticed today when on 1 wave i tried a big swooping cutback and it felt as though i was slightly lacking that back foot power. But the power and strength will return soon enough with the physio and surfing.

Just wondering if any of yous have sustained injuries in or out of the water, wat were they and how long did they prevent you from surfing?