dry docked - again

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logger started the topic in Thursday, 30 Sep 2010 at 5:53am

i have manged to successfully follow up the early part of this years injury (torn MCL) which resulted in 6 odd weeks out of the water, with another injury, which spells no more surfing this year.
Caught inside by a reasonable wave, which had broken outside, attempt to get under/through on a 9'8" log (twas a 3 ft point break, so just dreamy for logging) i get smashed, leggie gone in an instant - got intimate with the reef.
Emerged with broken finger - no biggie, but painful, Xray reveals half of the smallest phalange in my palm, with the tendon gone.
3 hours of reconstructive surgery, some metal anchors and screws and a cast for 6 weeks then hand rehab.
Steer clear of the leggie when dealing with foam, and fists protect heads just as well as splayed fingers when surfing over craggy reef!