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Blowin started the topic in Thursday, 3 Apr 2014 at 4:59pm

Out at Keramas a little while back and witnessed the shameful sight of a Japanese surfer getting shepherded into waves by a Balinese surf guide. I have heard reports of this occurring but still could not believe my eyes.

Small day, 3 foot set every fifteen minutes. I had been waiting in pole watching the Jap fella wrestle his longboard down the beach then paddle out and sat way wide on the second peak. The wave I had waited for finally arrived and as I was paddling I could hear his surf guide yelling for him to go, which he did, careening down on top of me as I surfed down the line. He fell and I surfed around him then paddled back out fuming.

As soon as he saw me he started apologising profusely with his hands in the Buddhist prayer position.

I chilled and told him he should be more careful because he could hurt me , as I had been injured in a drop in a few weeks previous . His Indo guide, a rip curl sponsored older guy told me to shut my mouth.

Being well aware of the courtesy required when dealing with Indo surfers in their own country I had to temper my anger yet still told him I did not intend to get hurt by some fools stupidity. I asked him his name, in Indonesian to try and settle the mood and he asked why I wanted to know and I realised he was aware of his sponsors possible views to his behaviour because he went quite and paddled to the shoulder.

He kept calling the Jap fellow into waves that were being ridden and when I would catch a wave he would shepherd his charge straight back to the inside around crew that were patiently waiting in line.

I gave the Jap stink eye till he registered shame at his actions and went in, or more like he was just tired having probably never caught so many waves before in his whole kook life. I was so off the cunt, disgraceful behaviour.

I understand the Indonesians needing to profit from the meagre resources available to them but this is against the spirit of surfing and as much as I resented him for it I don't blame the Indo.

The Japanese on the other hand needs a flogging.

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freeride76 Wednesday, 16 Apr 2014 at 12:37pm

Places like G-Land I'm going as deep as I can every time......not waiting back in the pack.

I know the faces that are dominating and I'll sit off them, but I'm paddling straight past the Brazos and goldy roosters without a seconds thought.

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uplift Wednesday, 16 Apr 2014 at 1:05pm

Yorkes has always been a comedy, localism wise. Everyone tried to claim building Weasel's shanty in the early days. And then there was the ludicrous debacle when Pixie fuck'n Cahill was callin' the local shots over there. The final fiasco was the Marion Bay shack off. Yorkes is virtually a suburb of Adelaide now anyway.

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yorkessurfer Wednesday, 16 Apr 2014 at 1:10pm

Agreed uplift I've long thought of Marion Bay as being like a suburb of Adelaide. Thank fuck it's 300km away though!

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uplift Wednesday, 16 Apr 2014 at 1:30pm

Now that I've seen Freeride's, I can't resist. The Japanese tourists were pretty entertaining when I spent some time at his local. Crawling around in the infamous rocks, then filming themselves slashed to shreds. I actually saw a Japanese guy smiling away, as he obliviously opened his door into the highway at that death strip, raceway car park, causing a radical prang, complete with tourist bus screaming through.

But, Cliffy takes the cake. One day redrock was pumping, breaking so well, that it vaguely reminded me of over here. 3 Japanese guys did the smiling, oblivious paddle out as their friends set up a camera in the rocks. They were really nice, but no idea and were getting hurled around the lineup like weapons of mass destruction, popping up in everyone's way, then smilingly heading for the shifting peak again. People tried politely tuning them, but they were either playing dumb, or just were. Cliff headed over from the point, got caught inside and simultaneously dive bombed by kamikazes. We could hear him screaming his head off, trying to get back out. When he did, another local guy tried to calm him, telling him that they didn't mean it, it was just their 'culture'. In a classic moment, he paddled over to the remaining, obliviously smiling away assassin, and screamed, 'yeh, well here's a bit of farkin' ozzie culture cunt!' Boom. They all bolted in a frenzy, problem solved.

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simba Wednesday, 16 Apr 2014 at 2:50pm

Yeah go Cliff hanger,never one to stand back and dosent take shit off anyone.