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jonno started the topic in Wednesday, 22 Sep 2010 at 1:05am

Hey fellas, heading over to Perth this weekend for around a week. Just wanted to know what wetty are people using this time of year? looking at surfing margs or possibly geraldton. is there much difference in water temp between these 2 areas?

also is it possible to get away with just a 1mm wetsuit shirt and boardies on the warmer days (taking into account im coming from vicco :P)?



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mtw Thursday, 23 Sep 2010 at 2:52am

Just checked 'that other website' and it says the water temp is 19c (at Margaret River) and right now air temp of 22c. I am from Vicco as well, call me a pussy but I would reckon you would atleast need a springy. It looks like water temp etc, is similar to by us in summer, so if you wore what you normally wwear in summer you should be ok.

I am sooooooooo over this winter.

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pepe Thursday, 23 Sep 2010 at 11:38am

Hey jonno - welcome to WA, hope you get some good waves mate. I was out at local Trigg last night still in a steamer. I reckon I can handle the cold too, but it's still too cold for boardies and a rashie. In saying that a coupe of blokes were out in boardies, they were learning, maybe that's why (don't look into that too much).

Down south is colder too. Throw a steamer in mate, better to be safe than sorry. I couldn't tell about the water temp. difference at Geraldton, but it's a fair ole hike between Margs & Geraldton, so you'll most probably be doing one or the other.

Good luck jonno, hope our waves turn on for ya.