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Blowin started the topic in Sunday, 30 Mar 2014 at 8:07pm

Went to strap on my booties a few days ago and realised I have had them for 7 years. I don't use them unless I absolutely cannot avoid it and then they invariably cop a hiding which held true on this day again . Upon returning to shore I was stoked to see they had survived intact again, a quick rinse then it's back in the board bag till next time .
Point being I mistreat my gear quite badly yet those booties keep on keeping on- exactly what I ask for out of surf product. Booties are Ocean and Earth Java split toe and I rate them highly.

I am no way affiliated with Ocean and Earth but I like their leg gives the best also and the icing on the cake is my lucky boardies are also O and E. I have had those things for 10 years now and same as the booties, it's a quick rinse ( if that most times) then hang them up to sun dry. Except for the new reef rash on the arse they are powering as well.

Three from three ain't too bad at all.

My FCS triple board bag , on the other hand ,is not that amazing. Only 18months old and the arse going out of it cause the wheels are not very well positioned. I have had to glue reinforcing onto the stitching along the bottom to stop it from getting worn away. The single cover inside has had to be repaired as it split apart for half it's length also.
The bag gets quite a bit of use ( every month at least) but I find it pretty average still as most of the trouble occurred in the first few months.

So O and E thumbs up. FCS could do better.

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Blowin Sunday, 30 Mar 2014 at 8:10pm

That's a leg rope not leggives in case your wondering.

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ACB__ Friday, 4 Apr 2014 at 9:22am

I've had a pair of RipCurl Thongs for about 4 summers now. They've survived rock fishing, summer daytime benders and bushwalks, not even 1 plugging. Gotta love a trusty item you can rely on.