I'm WA bound! need to catch some waves, Info required!

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marcdickson started the topic in Sunday, 15 Aug 2010 at 9:52am

Hey Guys and Girls.
Ive surfed through vic, nsw. had some amazing experiences so looking forward to WA, I live in England and surf Cornwall, Wales and Devon whilst avoiding the icebergs.
Its a 7 hour drive for me every other weekend which is lame.

Ive just applied for migration and have the all clear so looking to come over next winter.
My wife is Canadian and I am English were really laid back, but hard workin but not looking to live in the centre of perth if you know what i mean. not looking to raise any children and i want to be able to be walking distance or a bus ride from the beach.

any idea's where i should start looking to live that suits easy work travel, and more importantly accessible surf?haha i'm a plasterer.

Thanks alot guys, means alot if someone could give me some general information about WA, about what to expect and some info on area's and the local breaks.

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yorkessurfer Sunday, 15 Aug 2010 at 10:30am

its a huge state and there are distinct surfing areas. the obvious answer is margaret river but its pretty crowded these days and you would need a strong desire to surf huge and gnarly waves. if you want to go warm you could try exmouth. has some fun waves nearby and some awsome reefbreaks if you buy a tinny and surf the outer bombies around ningaloo reef. the heat could kill you in summer but. esperence might be for you. beach-breaks and variable weather, not sure about work there? if you still want a bit of civilisation you could try around mandurah which is south of perth. its got smaller beach/reef setups and you can still cruise down towards margarets on weekends if you want some bigger waves. hope this helps mate. good luck