Dean Morrison Glass in the Face ?? Surf rage victim or easy target ?

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thegooch started the topic in Wednesday, 7 Jul 2010 at 3:33am

I read in the local paper this morning that Dean Morrison was glassed at the Cooly hotel , and received quite severe injuries from the attack.

It was reported that the attack was unprovoked and "out of the blue "

I think the guy who glassed Dean is a coward and an idiot and hope he serves time for it. But I just had to wonder , maybe it wasn't so unprovoked, could this guy have been another one of Dean Morrisons drop in victims who lost the plot upon seeing Dean whilst in a drunken state ? Maybe , maybe not , but i would love to know this guys reason for the attack. Very rarely are these things "out of the blue"

Anyone that has further background info on this story ,please let us know, as the Gold Coast bulletin pretty much just write what ever they fancy. Would love to know the whole story + how Dean is recovering.