American Dream Wave Pool

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American Dream Wave Pool
Perfect Swell by American Wave Machines
Dreamworks Water Park inside a New Jersey Mall.

Indoor Wave Pool Pioneers
1929 Germany indoor mall wave pool

1930 Norderney Germany
1934 Wembley Surf Bathing Pool.
1966 Japan Summerland Surf-a-Torium Tokyo (Note: 1st Surfboard Pool was Portobello)
1981 Bolinbrook Chicago
1986 World Water Park / West Edmonton Mall

Note: Surfing a Fibreglass Board thru Crowded Mall Swimmers!

1993 Ocean Dome Japan

1999 Bayswater WA (Air Jet Tech same as AWM)

2008 WaveTek wild US Kalahari Beachbreaks (Continue..)
2018 Osnabruck Germany (Flow Wave as Mall Fountain)

2019/20 American Dream New Jersey

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truebluebasher Sunday, 15 Mar 2020 at 12:51pm

Thanx to Wave Pool Mag
2003 Xanadu Mills Corp > 2009 LLC
2009 The state almost signed Trump.
2009 American Dream - (Triple 5) > West Edmonton Mall See History

(Above)1986 'Blue Thunder Wave was too high'n'heavy & as all...geared down on opening.
WEM Wavepool is unusual as it takes on Oar craft / Board / Tube / Bodysurfer
(Portobello UK pioneered all craft Wave Pools & also geared down a heavier rip wave)
1986 Old School (Triple 5) Wave Pool can fire up heavier than 2020 (Triple 5) AMW wavepool!
tbb exclusive swellnet revelation...Don't judge a washed up wavepool by it's Insta Mall Selfie!
See: (Above Photo) The waves were so large they breached XXXL perimeter wall (That big!)

2018 (Triple 5) Select American Wave Machines to design Wave Pool
Unusually T5 knew what they wanted more so than any Wave Pool salesman!
Note: Triple 5 are no kooks! Long been managing a Mall Surfboard Riders Club.

2018- AWM BSR Waco being their Flagship.
2018/19 AWM 'Indoor Flow'- WA Aloha SurfHouse allows Fibreglass Boards

New Jersey Pool will be Indoor 16 air chambers modified from outdoor Waco's 24 chambers.
Oct 2019 Wave Pool opening is pushed back...
Nov 2019 Test Video's (See also Above / History)
Nov 27 Postponed > Dec Postponed >

Dec 2019 Wave Pool Pro Surf Operators are approved...
WSL / BWT Will Skudin & Family
AWM partners ISA / NSSIA / Surfrider Foundation (Strictly Non WSL re: Waco)
AWM WA also distance comps from (WSL / SA) They may sponsor a Grom fest.)
WSL Pros are steered away from AWM wave pools (Ex + Outer Rogues Only)
WSL reluctantly partner Wavegarden for Olympian Training & Board Testing

Pool - 8100 m2 equal to Waco or slightly smaller than "The Beach" Sydney Wet'n'Wild.
Length of wall 50m to suit the 16 air chambers (As said)
Producing a smaller/ shorter ride than original Waco model.
Face height of 5 ft > 4ft > 3ft in just 5-8 secs.
Left is Tall Pine Trees / Right is Big Pineapple + Straight is Giant Ogre/Donkey/Panda
All styles (Looks Good) Small wave pitches a Slab Barrel into a Ramp. (Cool!)
9th March Wave Pool opens for 2 day Sneak Peak (Very Quiet)
Said to be Largest indoor wave pool in US
Jan Open > Feb Open > March 19 Open...
(Postponed) Coronavirus Shuts Whole Mall

Sneak Peak Video of paid swimmers enjoying AWM wave pool in Family Mode.

Note: Plenty of Sunlight to get a sunburn...might catch a few out!
Surf Exhibition Comp Arena suits a surf crowd better than bigger Outdoor Pools..(Check it!)

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truebluebasher Sunday, 15 Mar 2020 at 3:06am

Tickets ($ AUD)
8 Life Guards on Duty
$160 (Whole Water Park) No Wave Pool Only Ticket (Sorry!)
$120 (Twilight for 2 hrs prior to park closing "7 nights") Possibly 6pm-8pm
Note: (Surfers a/h Wave Pool starts @ 10pm - Midnite)

Skudinsurf Prices / hours for same Dreamworks Wave Pool
Hours 6am - 10am < [ Day Family Crowd ] > 10pm - Midnite
Typical working Mix for Theme Park/Mall Wave Pools (OZ/Worldwide)

Group Hire DJ to mix own Wave recipe (100-180 waves /hr)
Weekdays a/h $2,900 for 12 > 20 max (Cheapest Surf is $145/hr (AUD)
Weekends a/h $3,400 for 12 >20 max (Cheapest w/e Surf is $170/hr (AUD)
Note: L + R is offered each hour (180 Waves/hr = 360 rides/hr) Double check that!
It also gets cheaper by Group booking 2 or more hours.

Surfers 8pm -10pm Mystery Session (Skudin has left out 3 sessions)
Open Public / Clinics / Camps (These must fill the remaining said hours)
Possibly room for a Cheap Tuesday offer...

Bodybash'n / Swim prices are for Slush Puppie mode only! (See vid!)
7 Days Cheapest Bodybash ( 6pm-8pm ) $120 / 2hrs (AUD)
7 Days Cheapest Crowd bash ( 10am -6pm ) $160 / 8hrs (AUD)

Pool Rules:
Shower before & leaving the Pool + Soap wash in WC

(tbb reckons they'll wave Boardriders to break all these Pool Rules!)
No Wetties + (Metal rivets, zippers, buttons, buckles)
Rules out : (Leggies / Hand Plane / Straps / Screw Fins / Piercings )

Crack Down on Families with...
No Flippers, Masks, Snorkels, Air - surf mats, mermaid stuff.

No Go Pro selfie shit at all. (re: Media Pack is $650/hr)

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truebluebasher Wednesday, 14 Oct 2020 at 12:47am

Extra Stats ~ Pool Temp 26.6* (All Year) / 13 wave choices.

1 Oct - Dreamworks Wave Pool re opens

8 Oct ~ Skudinsurf (Massive Quiver for Tiny waves Choose from over 30 Boards)
Still no Public day pricing as yet...(Possibly running / mates packs)
(Wave Pool Rules)
Covid / Safety / DOC / Therapy / Qualifications / Certifications etc...

8 Oct Ben Gravy (No-Rules)~pocket boards / No Leggies /Acid Drops / [P] SK8

9 Oct- Skudin > Ben's crew sampler

10 Oct - New Break~ Surf Therapy Wave Pool.