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The plans on swell et are not a computer set The reef is triangular with ocean actually dipping down to near the ocean floor which allow the bulk of the wave energy to be picked up by the structure and very little if any will pass under the structure
The structure is located 200m offshore for the simple Eason it is outside the near shore zone which is the zone from land to incident wave 5the reef is outside the current wave breaking zone and there outside the area of turbulence sediment transport and currents
Therefore there is little need for a hydro dynamic study . Hydrdymanic studies may have come a long way over the last few years with mike 21 etc but still they can consider to represent art more than science if one relies on the results then one needs to be very carefull as background details studies were down of port Phillip bay dredging using such programs as mike 21 which showed no adverse efffects on Portsea beach and no loss of sand .today there is little if any Portsea beach left since the dredging so one can make an assessment of the modelling all be it there is an argument over the cause but the computer modelling did not show beach loss
I look forward to further comments all very interesting I appreciate the broad view out there
In closing the reef is to be located in the middle of the beach a kilometre from car parks either end in an area of beach which has no current water activity and is a full time close outs so no one surfs there