Functional Bag for Surfers

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KGLocsin started the topic in Monday, 25 Apr 2016 at 11:01pm

Hi I am a fourth year Bachelor of Fine Arts Major in Product Design Student from the University of the Philippines Cebu. I am currently working on my thesis which is a pre-requisite for graduation. For my thesis, I’ve chosen to design a bag for surfers. I have also prepared set of questions to gather reliable data and know more about the demand of the market.

I am trying to come out with a backpack that could be used for a weekender surf trip or for short surf trips or for just a surf bum. The study does not include bringing along a board and/or a boardbag for the trip. I'd like to know what are the things I should be considering when designing these kind of backpack, especially on its Aesthetic aspect. I was considering of incorporating Philippine native fabric designs and patterns.

If you are a bag expert/ designer, I would deeply appreciate it if you can share your knowledge about bags, considerations when designing and process I should be undergoing.

You could also help me out by answering the interview questions that I have prepared. I’d be basing the design of my product from the answers you’ll be providing. Here is the link to the survey: ... U/viewform

Thank You!

Target Market: Surfers or Surf Bums

Product: Day Bag for light packing