Jye Byrnes crossbreed surfboard.

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nevertoold started the topic in Friday, 2 Aug 2019 at 4:56pm

Hey. Love to hear some feed back about how this model goes.
What size you are riding... The range it can be surfed in. It looks like a fun board.
Thinking of getting one 6-6 to 7-2 .

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morg commented Monday, 12 Aug 2019 at 10:06pm

Great boards. I’ve got a 6’8” x 20.5” Crossbreed with the 2 +1 fins Jye put on it. Mine goes well from say 2 foot to over 7’ waves which is the largest I’ve ridden on it and it was fine. Mine is 6’8” so its not loose but it does turn really well, and has good drive. It’s no good in small mushy waves (for me anyway) and really comes alive when there’s a bit of power. I’m 85kg and my go to board is 5’11”. I use the crossbreed when I’m feeling a bit lazy, have been out of the water for a week or two, or (usually) when I’m surfing a wave that requires a long paddle out and being able to paddle into just that bit quicker. Like all boards it goes well in good waves, however I often find myself surfing it in big fuller waves. The position of the centre fin makes a big difference, and Jye will show you where it should go and you can loosen or stiffen the board up by moving it from there.