Cutting edge construction methods and materials

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enuenu started the topic in Tuesday, 16 Aug 2016 at 1:11am

Which manufacturers are really thinking about improving their product through blank technology, glassing materials and glassing techniques?

When I check Websites shape is talked about a lot but the engineering not as much. Some examples of some who at least seem to be trying to do something innovative or different in this area are;

* Outer Island -

Outer Island says - "We take pride in the strength and longevity of our boards, which outlast production built product by 4 times and more. Using slow cure resin mixes which are inherently stronger, we apply the fibreglass under tension, like a drum skin, We pull the weft fibres to a 20 degree angle toward the rails, in opposing directions on each side, creating a complex matrix of diagonal fibres. Coupled with wider laps, these techniques make for a far stronger board by utilising the materials to their maximum potential, with no increase in weight."

* Jim Banks -!custom/afrfk

Jim Banks says - "Hi Glass is a technique of increasing the ratio of fibreglass to resin so that the boards resistance to snapping is significantly increased without adding too much extra weight. In general a Hi Glass board has about double the snap resistance of a conventional glass job."

So at least these blokes are really thinking about the engineering.

I've heard about new blank materials emerging too.

Go easy on me, but I applaud the use of CNC shaping machines to refine hand shaped designs over time. A human provides the initial magic, a machine will ensure symmetry, consistency and allow accurate study of cause and effect. Of course you will always need a wizard to finish the CNC machined blank and a guru on the final sanding to finish the magic properly.

I am in the market for my first longboard / mid length board. Getting older, chronic back problems and after a life of short boards, I've been loving cruising straight in the pocket on my SUP In waves nobody wants. Just want to cruise and bury some rail here and there.

There are are so many shapes out there these days. However I'm also very interested in what's new in construction materials and methods. Even tried and true PU construction has room for improvement.

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thermalben Monday, 22 Aug 2016 at 6:39am