Rocker numbers

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prothero started the topic in Saturday, 3 Jan 2015 at 6:13pm

Morning all..........i just shaped a new stick which was fun, however I feel i should have put more flip in the tail. I want something that gets in to the waves fast but will still turn in a critical spot.... I surf average beach breaks that can be mushy or sucky.I was thinking 90 mm in the nose and 50mm in the tail ?

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wingnut2443 Saturday, 24 Jan 2015 at 7:34pm

What was the nose and tail rocker measurements off the last "good" board you had?

Worth also measuring a 1 foot off the nose and tail ... or if ya like me, every 3 inches along the stringer.

Then, it becomes a question of the rocker at the rail. So, bottom contours need to be taken into consideration.

90mm and 50mm ... how much is that in inches? ;)

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udo Saturday, 24 Jan 2015 at 8:23pm

Wingnut, hows this for rocker -Disrupt surfboards 'the turbine' they call it low rocker ?
Webbers banana boards got nothing on this...........

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Roy Stuart Friday, 6 Feb 2015 at 8:49pm

Numbers are meaningless without board length info