Padded Surfing Rash Guards

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Tony Padon started the topic in Monday, 1 Apr 2019 at 2:21pm

If you surf in warm water, try my new RIBBY. I call it a RIBBY because of the rib and chest protection it provides surfer. Unlike some of the competition, the 3mm neoprene pad is strategically sized, shaped and placed on the chest to be just what’s needed. It's low profile and super lightweight sun protection specifically made to keep your chest and ribs protected from bruising and soreness. Check it out at

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morg commented Monday, 29 Apr 2019 at 7:41am

You put the incorrect www link above.

Great concept, and I have been using that style of rashy with 5mm neoprene that I get made for years. Would buy one off you but by the time we exchange into $AUS it is cheaper to buy a long sleeve vest wetsuit or buy a rash shirt and pay $25 to get the neoprene sown into it.

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ojackojacko commented Monday, 29 Apr 2019 at 12:22pm

US$80 - as morg says, good concept as discussed previously on SN but no thanks at that price

edit: plus US$10 postage within US and no international postage.