Lennox camera - discuss.

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gggiiibbbo started the topic in Wednesday, 22 Feb 2017 at 9:15am

For - getting wood eating brekkie while checking it. Punters saying "Nah, looks shit, not goin'..." should help somewhat with the crowds.
Against - a heavily localised, very competitive & high performance spot suited to upper-intermediate to expert level surfers just got instantly more crowded and potentially more dangerous.

To me, it's always felt like a break that was above fashion, cool-ness & modern age comforts like surf cams. I'm not local (lived locally for a year in 2012 & have surfed Lennox for 10 years whenever I can every year), but every wave I've had there I've earned. Having a camera there somehow lessens the effort & repect you have to put in to get a good one out at this most iconic of Australian waves.