super automatic ssd solution/Super Gaz/machines for cleaning deface notes

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We are specialist in chemistry for anti-breeze deface currency bank notes. We also do chemicals melting and recovering of all type of bad money from black to white ( stained money). So if you have made a kind of money for business and your money is stacked we can help you clean the money perfectly and clean. Kindly contact us with information below.

Fallah Morgan Chemical Laboratory (pty)ltd. holds specialization in offering SSD Solution. SSD Solution is a unique anti-breeze bank notes chemical which removes excess coated substance. SSD Solution is usually combined with Activation Powder for better results. SSD Solution, offered by us, provides quick and quality results. Further, SSD Solution can also be used without any powder as well.

Why Our SSD Solution?

SSD Solution dissolves coated substance and dyes safely and efficiently without damaging.
The note can be clean in a few seconds when applying the right SSD solution and can be changed in any bank without fear

Activating Powder is a white colored light-sensitive powder. Activating Powder, offered by us, is soluble in both water and alcohol. We formulate Activating Powder using the latest R&D and other techniques. Activating Powder is widely used in reversing or activating any oxidation process taken place in black or white negatives. We offer Activating Powder also known as Mercuric Acetate in various LR / AR / ASC grades which is widely procured by minting companies, pharmaceutical, chemical manufacturing companies. Besides, we ensure safe and air-tight packing of Activating Powder keeping the chemical properties intact.

CS Vectrol Paste also known as Vectrol Paste is a chemical compound widely used in cleaning black stained and dye stained notes. We formulate CS Vectrol Paste under the guidance of our experienced researchers and other experts. We provide high-grade packaging of CS Vectrol Paste facilitating easy and safe delivery.


CS Vectrol Paste is the Paste that removes the chemical content in the cleaned black dollar or black currency.
It also removes the chemical smell and along with sticky residue that it obtains from the SSD solution and humine powder combined.

Castrox Oxide HQ45 is primarily used on defaced currency. Castrox Oxide, which we offer, is a paste known for its 100% perfect formulation and effectiveness. Castrox Oxide is especially used for cleaning coated notes, anti-breeze notes, black & green dollar, local currency, euro currency, etc. Buyers are free to place bulk orders of Castrox Oxide as per their demand.

Zuta S4, is the perfect solution for removing excess dye or stain in the currency or black money. Zuta S4 is formulated in our advance laboratory using R&D techniques. We provide air-tight and sealed packing to Zuta S4 ensuring safe delivery. Besides, buyers can contact us for the bulk demands of Zuta S4 as well.

Top class professional technician and money cleaning machines available for large orders including the printing of original counterfeit printing bills of all denomination and currencies e.g euros,pounds,usd etc. Email :[email protected] for more detail information.