Starting new topics/threads

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thermalben started the topic in Tuesday, 17 Oct 2023 at 11:21am

Now that the forums are more than a decade old, I'd like to introduce a little more structure in the way we set up topics and threads.

Simply, I'd like to do away with one-size-fits-all forum threads like "Interesting stuff", which now stands at 13,475 comments. 

Sure, these threads made sense back in the early days - a potpourri of random observations, insights and links - but the problem is that they become swamped by topics that suddenly develop a life of their own. 

The Swellnet community has a wide range of opinions across almost all manner of interests, and I think it's important that we preserve some kind of timeline for individual topics. Not only will this make it easier to search for, but it'll make for a more balanced discussion. 

So, next time you want to post something but can't find the right thread, just click here and add your search term after "". 

And if you can't find anything, start a new thread here!