Swellnet Code of Conduct

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These rules are intended to ensure that everyone gets equal chance to participate on the Swellnet forums. These rules may change without notice. Check this page for changes.

If you break a rule, we'll usually just issue a friendly reminder. If you repeatedly cause trouble we might decide to remove your ability to comment. That might be temporary or permanent. We'll handle each problem on an individual basis.

Code of Conduct

  1. Use common sense. Have respect, don't break the law, don't do anything that could get the website hauled before the courts. If it's defamation in real life, it's also defamation here.
  2. Don't create social chaos. If we ask you to cut out some shit you're doing, do as we say.
  3. You mustn't post anything that violates the laws of Australia.
  4. Don't post any commercial spam.
  5. No self promotion of your personal website anywhere except your profile (you may put your website url in your profile) or in the context of a discussion.
  6. No personal attacks against other users. Make your point without making things personal or insulting other people, even people who don't visit this website (see Point 1).
  7. All users are entitled to their anonymity. If you know someone's ID don't share it unless you have their permission.
  8. Don't expose sensitive waves by identifying them in words or photos. Everyone has a different idea of what constitutes a secret spot so please be concious of that and err on the side of caution.
  9. Don't accuse Swellnet moderators of having an ulterior agenda. Our only agenda is to maintain the best surf site experience that we possibly can.
  10. Swellnet is a small business, so the office isn't staffed 24/7. If we encounter any problems, we'll try to respond to them as soon as possible but bear in mind that we don't spend all day watching the forums. However if you need to contact us urgently, send an email to [email protected] and we'll do our best. 

We want you to enjoy the site. You're welcome to express your opinions within the website's Code of Conduct.

Note: If we ask you to leave and you continue to use the forums or register new accounts, you may be breaking the law.

Note: Illegal activity will be reported.