Bottom turns

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Old Gregg started the topic in Wednesday, 5 Dec 2018 at 6:43pm

Hi all,
I'm after some armchair advice/ thabout board design affecting bottom turns.
I've recently received a new stick, 6"2, medium rocker, rounded pin. Slightly different to other boards I've had in that it is a rounded pin and has a bit more concave. It goes good, quick off the mark, gets in easy, fast, however I can't seem to really jamb my bottom turns anymore, you know like the low slung, board fully on rail, deep off the bottom turn when your setting up for a whack. Its almost like the board outruns the turn and it feels almost too boaty to force it on rail. Any thoughts on what the issue might be? Fins? Too pinny in the tail with too much foam forward? Too much concave? Or maybe It's me?
Cheers, Gregg

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morg commented Thursday, 6 Dec 2018 at 8:29pm

I’ve found similar feeling on wider boards with full ish rounder rails. Fortunately the other positives seemed to outway that. I put it down to fuller rails and curvier outline but that’s just my guess

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eat-your-vegies commented Thursday, 6 Dec 2018 at 11:29pm

Could be a lot of things mate.
First thing came to my mind is have a look at how up right your side fins are.
More up right or more parallel to stringer can make a board flow down the line and through turns more but with no JAM
But morg may be right, or lots of other stuff.

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Optimist commented Friday, 7 Dec 2018 at 4:35am

A lot of modern boards are deep single concave right through with a bit of flip in the tail to shape the turn. If your really beefing up your volume, especially forward, this type of board can start getting a bit weird. They will hug the steep wall good and be fast but can make the bottom turn a bit stagey and not as smooth as a board with a bit of vee in the tail. You could try changing your fins Old Gregg, Al Merrick fins AM2 or 1 depending on your weight have a slightly smaller tail fin which may help you project back up to the lip more vertically and smooth out and shorten your bottom turn a bit when required.