Pipe Masters Swell Forecast

Craig Brokensha

With less than week to go until the waiting period of the Billabong Pipe Masters, all eyes are fixed on the charts. Will the World Title showdown get swell befitting the occasion?

North Pacific roars to life

Craig Brokensha

It's lain dormant for the best part of six months but this week the North Pacific has roared back to life.

Super Typhoon Neoguri erupts: Waves up to sixty feet heading towards Japan

Craig Brokensha

Super Typhoon Neoguri is currently bearing down on Japan spawning waves of jaw dropping size. Read more about this most impressive of storms.

Super Typhoon Francisco

Craig Brokensha

While Australian surfers wait for their cyclone season to begin, the Western Pacific basin has been very active. The latest storm to impact the region is Super Typhoon Francisco and it's expected to push across the Ryukyu Islands of southern Japan today.

Hurricane Katia Gets Shelved

Stu Nettle

The Quiksilver Pro New York is currently two days into its waiting period without a single wave being ridden. The organisers have called laydays knowing that Hurricane Katia, which is currently moving north-west between Bermuda and the Caribbean, will provide surf in the coming days.