The Depth Test

'Broken' by Jon Frank

Stu Nettle

Words and photos in a book that reads like the opposite of Instagram.

The Last Long Drop by Mike Safe

Stu Nettle

Summertime satire with lashings of truth and plenty of surf scenes too.

'On The Java Ridge' by Jock Serong

Phil Jarratt

Phil Jarratt reviews On The Java Ridge, a book that "reveals more about what it is to be a surfer" than anything yet published.

'Life of Brine' by Phil Jarratt

Stu Nettle

Drugs, sex, surf, and death - Australia's foremost surf journo dishes the dirt on himself.

Tom Wegener: From killing Bambi to quoting Socrates

Stu Nettle

Not only has Tom Wegener been called a sell out, Derek Hynd also accused him of "killing Bambi". Suitably chastened, Wegener did a PhD on an age old gripe and then turned it into a book.

The Big Wave Project: A Band Of Brothers

Stu Nettle

From 20 foot Waimea to 80 foot Jaws, Tim Bonython tells the tale of modern big wave surfing.

'As Worlds Divide' - review

Stu Nettle

Filmed over nine years, 'As Worlds Divide' confronts the impact commercialisation, forced displacement, and assimilation have had on the Mentawai people.

Sharks Never Sleep by Brendan McAloon

Stu Nettle

Sometimes unsettling but never gratuitous, Sharks Never Sleep describes first-hand accounts of shark attacks from around the world.

I like your new stuff better than your old stuff: Peter Garrett at the Settlers Taven

Anthony Pancia

Peter Garrett drops the politics and enviro schtick for a solo national tour. Anthony Pancia catches him at the Settlers Tavern in Margaret River.

Single: Studies of Movement by Andrew Kidman

Stu Nettle

Who cares about a book that's been out for four years?

Fortunately Andrew Kidman's 'Single' remains a timeless read.

The Banana by Slater Designs - a review of sorts

Stu Nettle

An average punter takes a first drive on the modern Banana. It's the closest thing in the quiver to a Ferrari.

The Return of Gonad Man by Mark Sutherland

Stu Nettle

After a twenty year hiatus Gonad Man returns to save surfing from a soulless, commodified, wavepool-ridden future.

Lookout Smelly Skater!