Jack Dekort
Wave of the Day: Jackson Winter riding the green shoots of a new swell at Noosa

Attack of the drones: Aerial surf photography takes off

Stu Nettle

The most striking footage of Pipeline this year came from Eric Sterman, a young videographer from Hawaii who perched cross-legged on the sand with a remote control in his hands as Kelly Slater paddled into a set during the Pipe Masters.

Nico Beighton
Wave of the Day: The pleasure of displacing water - Jack Reginato, Sunshine Coast
Ben Shepherd
Wave of the Day: Damien Hobgood with spit on his back and sunshine on his face - Pipeline
Gary Parker
Wave of the Day: Central American love scene
Talking Heads

Paul Sharp: Shark in a bus!


"The shark is five metres long, he's stuffed and his name is Frankie. My father caught him in a 3.5 metre dinghy when I was about four years old."

Steven Arklay
Wave of the Day: "Vicco doesn't barrel"