Western Australian Surf Forecast (issued Wed 19th Mar)

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Western Australia Surf Forecast by Craig Brokensha (issued Wednesday 19th March)

Best Days: Friday morning


A large pulse of S/SW groundswell filled in across the South West and Gero regions yesterday under SE winds, while Perth didn't seem to pick up too much size unfortunately with 2ft sets seen through the peak of the swell.

Today a drop in size has been seen back to 3-5ft in the South West, 1-1.5ft in Perth and 3-5ft up around Gero, with Gero and Perth offering the best waves with lighter offshore winds. Sea breezes have since kicked in creating poor conditions across all spots.

This week (Mar 19 - 21)

Tomorrow isn't looking too flash with a further drop in swell tomorrow with fresh to strong SE winds, while Friday is looking better across exposed spots as a small to moderate increase in S/SW swell is seen under more favourable E'ly winds, that will even be E/NE up around Gero.

Early morning may be a little breezy, but later morning and midday should see the best conditions as winds back off before the sea breeze starts to come in.

This weekend onwards (Mar 22 onwards)

The weekend is looking average with Friday's swell due to drop away as through Saturday and further into Sunday morning with fresh E/SE winds.

As touched on last update, there's nothing really major on the cards for next week as a strong blocking high sets up camp to our south-west (pictured right), blocking any major swell generating systems and also leaving us to rely on long-range, small and inconsistent background swell energy.

This looks to change into the start of May, but we'll review this again Friday.