Western Australian Surf Forecast (issued Wed 19th Feb)

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Western Australia Surf Forecast by Craig Brokensha (issued Wednesday 19th January)

Best Days: Friday morning (keen surfers), Saturday and Sunday in the South West, Sunday/Monday in Perth and Gero, Wednesday in the South West


Small to tiny surf continued into this morning and there's nothing major on the cards until the weekend.

This week and weekend (Feb 18 - 23)

Give the surf a miss tomorrow and Friday and focus on getting out on the weekend.

We've got a couple of long-range and inconsistent SW groundswells on the cards from Saturday afternoon through until Tuesday next week.

As touched on yesterday these will be generated by a series of unconsolidated polar fronts firing up and around Heard Island region with a couple of pulses of SW groundswell due to arrive from Saturday onwards.

The best day to surf looks be Sunday morning with a peak in size to 4-5ft across the Margaret River region, 1-2ft in Perth and 3-4ft in Gero with early E/NE winds ahead of shallow change.

Come Monday winds will revert to the SE in the South West, but remain good in Perth and Gero and from the E/NE, while Tuesday should play out similarly.

Next week onwards (Feb 24 onwards)

The next increase in noticeable swell is due on Wednesday afternoon but from the S/SW. The southerly direction will be a result of the swell generating system being a polar front firing up east of Heard Island and only starting project up towards Australia once it's south-southwest of us and nearly out of our swell window.

The southerly direction will limit size across Perth and Gero, but Margs should see some good 4-5ft sets as strong morning offshores ease into the afternoon owing to a deepening inland surface heat trough across the state.

More on this on Friday though.