South Australian Surf Forecast (issued Wed 19th Feb)

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South Australian Forecast (issued Wednesday 19th January)

Best Days: Friday and Saturday for super keen surfers on the South Coast, Sunday morning on the South Coast, Monday on the Mid for tiny waves


The South Coast provided fun glassy waves yesterday morning with a light variable wind and small swell. The Mid Coast was tiny and basically unsurfable for all intents and purposes.

Today an onshore change and small swell have created poor conditions down South, while the Mid Coast is offering weak 1-1.5ft wind waves.

This week and weekend (Feb 19 - 23)

While onshore winds will spoil the party over the coming few days we've got some interesting and rare S'ly and S/SE groundswell on the cards from Friday through Saturday expected across the South Coast.

This will be related to a deep and powerful mid-latitude low forming just west of Tassie this evening, stalling all through tomorrow while aiming a fetch of S/SE gales through our swell window (pictured above right).

Inititally tomorrow there'll be a lot of local windswell but into the afternoon and more so Friday a stronger pulse of S/SE groundswell should arrive and peak in the 3-5ft range across most spots across the South Coast.

Onshore S'ly tending S/SE winds will leave nowhere around Victor with a decent wave, although savvy operators may be able to source out a novelty wave or two.

A peak in wind strength around the low is expected on Thursday afternoon (pictured below right) and this will produce a peak in S/SE groundswell overnight Friday, with Saturday morning still expected to provide solid waves either side of 4ft before dipping into the afternoon.

Winds will improve slightly and swing more SE during the morning, but it won't be until Sunday that we see a more favourable E'ly breeze favouring slightly protected breaks.

Next week (Feb 24 onwards)

We'll resume normal service into next week with small to moderate amounts of inconsistent SW groundswell expected with less than favourable S/SE winds Monday and Tuesday and a stronger onshore change into next Wednesday.

The Mid Coast will offer clean conditions with a tiny but inconsistent 1ft of swell with bigger sets on the right sides of the tide.