South Australian Surf Forecast by Craig Brokensha (issued Monday 17th February)

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South Australian Forecast (issued Monday 17th January)

Best Days: Tuesday morning, Saturday morning in protected locations down South, Sunday morning


The weekend didn't offer too much in the way of surf with a persistent onshore and small to moderate swell down South while the Mid Coast was cleaner but tiny, maxing out at 1ft.

Today a new swell and offshore winds created good waves down South while the Mid Coast continued at a tiny 0.5-1ft, ideal for beginners.

This week (Feb 17 - 21)

Over the coming days, tomorrow morning will offer the best waves on the South Coast with an early W'ly breeze and dropping small swell from today. Come Wednesday the surf will be small to tiny and an approaching change will bring with it strengthening S/SW winds and a late increase in windswell.

The change expected on Wednesday will be related to a polar front merging with an inland surface trough drifting across the state and with this we'll see a new SW groundswell filling in Thursday mixed in with a larger S/SW windswell.

The windswell will be generated by the local S/SW winds (pictured right) which will be much broader and stronger extending well south of the state providing plenty of size into Thursday and Friday but with poor S/SE winds.

The S'ly direction of the swell will also be unfavourable for the Mid Coast with no significant size expected due to the blocking effects of Kangaroo Island from any swell from the south.

This weekend (Feb 22 onwards)

It won't be until the weekend that we start to see an improvement in conditions as the trough and low linked to the onshore winds drift off to the east.

Saturday will still be a bit all over the place with a moderate to fresh E'ly wind, with Sunday looking like the day to surf over the weekend with E/NE winds and a peaky mix of easing S/SE swell and late arriving S/SW groundswell.

Heading into early next week there's plenty of SW groundswell expected across the state owing to a flurry of frontal activity in our far swell window south-west of WA but again winds look average and from the S/SE. This swell will also be inconsistent due to the large distance between it and us, but we'll review this again Wednesday.