South East Queensland and Northern New South Wales Surf Forecast (issued Wednesday 12th February)

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South East Queensland and Northern New South Wales Surf Forecast by Ben Matson (issued Wednesday 12th February)

Best Days: No great days. 

Recap: Tiny waves over the last few days with early light winds and moderate to fresh afternoon sea breezes.

This week (Feb 13-14)

Nothing of any interest expected for the remainder of the working week. The Tasman Sea is very quiet, all apart from a small front that tracked through the lower Tasman Sea on Tuesday. It was poorly aimed for the East Coast and wasn’t very strong either, so at most we’ll see a foot or so of weak sideband energy glancing the coast later Thursday and into Friday morning (and probably limited to the NSW coast too). In any case it’s really not worth getting too excited about.

This weekend (Feb 15-16)

Not a great weekend for Qld or North Coast surfers. We’re expecting mainly northerly winds and with very small residual swell on offer, your only options will be an early surf at the swell magnets with a high volume board. Probably a good time to consider some other activities away from the beach, because there ain’t gonna be much surf to bother with.

Next week (Feb 17 onwards)

A trough is expected to move off the Southern NSW coast early in the weekend, forming a small low and driving a gusty southerly change along the East Coast on Sunday. At this stage the resulting swell prospects for Northern NSW and SE Qld are pretty average, and there’s still some divergence in the models so we really should leave it until Friday for further evaluation.

But, just to tide you over until then - we’re likely to see a moderate south swell early next week along the Northern NSW Cooast (short range, generally average quality) and it probably won’t deliver much size north of the border. 

Beyond this the trade belt below Fiji is still showing signs of redeveloping over the weekend but no major features are standing out at this point in time. Let’s take a closer look on Friday.