Eastern Tasmania Surf Forecast (Mon 27th Jan)

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Eastern Tasmania Forecast by Craig Brokensha (issued Monday 27th January)

Best Days: Wednesday in protected southern corners


Saturday was OK with a pulse of windswell and less than ideal winds, but a secondary increase in S'ly groundswell on Sunday with better winds provided great waves for Australia Day.

Today the swell has backed off with much smaller waves across the coast.

This week (Jan 28 - 31)

Building levels of NE windswell are expected across the coast this week as a northerly ridge strengthens down the Southern NSW coast and into us (pictured right).

A peak in size is expected Wednesday morning as a S'ly change sweeps through. Therefore spots open to the NE swell and protected from the wind will offer fun waves!

Thursday will see much smaller and fading levels of windswell with onshore winds.

This weekend onwards (Feb 1 onwards)

There's nothing major on the cards for the weekend besides tiny levels of NE windswell. Longer term, early next week remains void of any major activity so make the most of the coming windswell.