Victorian Surf Forecast (Fri 24th Jan)

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Victoria Forecast (issued Friday 24th January)

Best Days: Sunday morning, Monday morning at exposed spots, later next week


Semi protected locations east of Melbourne offered the best waves yesterday with an easterly wind and moderate to large but easing SW groundswell.

Today a change has swept through a touch earlier than ideal with onshores and a small swell making for average conditions across both coasts.

This weekend and Monday (Jan 25 -27)

The weekend's pulse of SW groundswell has been upgraded slightly, with the frontal system moving in from the south-west now stronger than forecast on Wednesday (pictured right).

This swell should peak tomorrow afternoon across both coasts but conditions will be poor with fresh S/SW winds.

Sunday is looking better as the swell eases and winds tend variable and likely E/NE during the morning on the Mornington Peninsula.

Monday will be even better with N'ly winds but a small swell, favouring exposed spots across the state.

Next Tuesday onwards (Jan 28 onwards)

A couple of medium sized pulses of W/SW groundswell are due across the state into the middle to end of next week, generated by a couple of strong mid-latitude fronts pushing from south-west of WA up towards us through next week.

The strongest should aim a fetch of gale to severe-gale W/SW winds through our far swell window (pictured right) before weakening as it nears closer, generating the larges pulse for next Friday afternoon.

Winds at this stage look average through Wednesday and Thursday and from the S/SE but Friday should see better E'ly winds developing across the state. We'll confirm all of this on Monday though.