Southern Tasmania Surf Forecast (Wed 15th Jan)

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Southern Tasmania Forecast (issued Wednesday 15th January)

Best Days: Sunday morning


Tiny waves were seen through yesterday, while a rare S'ly groundswell has kept tiny 1-1.5ft waves hitting Clifton into this morning under light offshores.

This week (Jan 16 - 17)

Today's S'ly groundswell will fade into tomorrow leaving even tinier waves across the state with Friday continuing the trend with string offshore winds ahead of a weak and late change.

This weekend onwards (Jan 14 onwards)

A fun pulse of W/SW groundswell expected Sunday across the region has unfortunately been downgraded with the polar low not expected to be as strong or favourable as expected on Monday.

We're now only expecting a small increase in W/SW groundswell with sets to 2ft before fading through Monday.

A slightly better increase is on the cards for mid-next week, but we'll review this again on Friday.