Eastern Tasmania Surf Forecast (Mon 13th Jan)

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Eastern Tasmania Forecast by Craig Brokensha (issued Monday 13th January)

Best Days: Wednesday morning, later Friday


The weekend didn't see much in the way of surf with a tiny mix of swells both Saturday and Sunday.

Today a new S'ly swell has come in under favourable N'ly winds, favouring south swell magnets.

This week (Jan 14 - 17)

Today's S'ly swell will fade into tomorrow as a NE windswell builds down the coast.

Come Wednesday the NE windswell should peak in size, but a underlying S'ly groundswell will be in the mix, generated by the same low that generated today's swell, stalling to our south-east during today, aiming a fetch of SW gales through our swell window.

Winds will be good during the morning and offshore ahead of a SE change into the afternoon.

The S'ly groundswell will fade into Thursday but the NE windswell should start to build again as a weak but persistent northerly ridge develops down the Southern NSW Coast.

This weekend onwards (Jan 18 onwards)

The NE windswell should ease off into Saturday as a S'ly change sweeps through, and behind this a small increase in S'ly swell is likely.

Beyond this there's nothing too major on the cards at this stage, but we'll look at this again on Wednesday.