Southern Tasmania Surf Forecast (Fri 10th Jan)

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Southern Tasmania Forecast (issued Friday 10th January)

Best Days: Monday


Yesterday started tiny and any small increase in swell would have been destroyed by a fresh sea breeze.

Today the swell was back to a tiny 0.5-1ft and glassy with a light offshore wind.

This weekend (Jan 11 - 13)

A tiny increase in W/SW groundswell is expected across Clifton tomorrow to 1ft+ but heading into Sunday an intense mid-latitude low moving in from the west (pictured right)will bring with it a fun increase in SW swell.

Unfortunately winds will be onshore and from the SW as the swell builds Sunday, while Monday looks great with an easing swell from 2ft and offshore N/NW winds.

Next week (Jan 14 onwards)

Unfortunately there's nothing major on the cards for the rest of next week with tiny swells and average winds.

Longer term we may see some new swell next weekend and into the following week but we'll review this on Monday.