South Australian Surf Forecast (Wed 8th Jan)

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South Australian Forecast (issued Wednesday 6thJanuary)

Best Days: Thursday morning in protected locations down South, Friday morning, Saturday on the Mid, Sunday morning on the Mid, Monday morning down South


Both coasts dropped in size yesterday with poor conditions down South and tiny clean lines on the Mid. Today the surf has become effectively flat on the Mid while onshores have persisted down South with a moderate mix of swells.

This week (Jan 9-10)

A couple of long-range pulses of SW groundswell are expected tomorrow and Friday across the South Coast as winds improve, swinging light E/SE tomorrow, and offshore Friday morning from the N/NE. A shallow change is due during the afternoon though so get in during the morning for the best waves.

This weekend onwards (Jan 11 onwards)

A couple of good pulses of W/SW groundswell are due across the state over the weekend, generated by a strong frontal progression that started west-southwest of WA and is now currently south-west of WA (pictured right).

Unfortunately winds will be poor for the South Coast during this swell event with fresh S-SE winds, but the Mid Coast should offer good 1-2ft waves Saturday before easing slowly through Sunday.

Monday should see more favourable winds down South with small levels of SW groundswell.

As touched on last update there's nothing major for next week as a strong blocking high moves in from the west.