Victorian Surf Forecast (Mon 30th Dec)

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Victoria Forecast (issued Monday 30th December)

Best Days: All days besides Thursday


Friday's swell dipped away into Saturday leaving small clean waves across the Surf Coast best suited to the beaches, while the Mornington Peninsula saw great sized waves across the beaches. Winds strengthened from the NW around midday ahead of a strong to gale-force SW change, writing off the surf for the rest of the day.

This change was linked to a deepening low directly to out south-west and this kicked up 3-4ft of swell for the Surf Coast Sunday with stormy 6-8ft waves on the Mornington Peninsula but with strong S/SW winds.

Today has offered much cleaner conditions west of Melbourne with a morning W/NW'ly and 3ft+ waves while the Mornington Peninsula was still onshore with an easing 5ft of swell.

This week (Dec 30 – Jan 3)

A further drop in SW swell is due into tomorrow and morning W/NW winds will continue to favour the Surf Coast over locations east of Melbourne.

Come Wednesday though a swing to N/NE winds will favour the Mornington Peninsula during the morning ahead of a fresh NW'ly into the afternoon. The morning will be small and good for the beaches, but a fun SW swell is due to arrive during the morning, pulsing to 2ft on the Surf Coast and 4ft+ on the Mornington Peninsula.

A new W/SW tending SW groundswell is due into the end of the week as another deepening mid-latitude front forms into a low as it approaches as (pictured right). A medium sized SW groundswell will result, peaking Friday to 3ft+ on the Surf Coast and 6ft on the Mornington Peninsula under W/NW tending W/SW winds.

This weekend onwards(Jan 4 onwards)

Friday's swell will drop into Saturday morning but a weak polar front pushing up into us during the day should bring a late increase in windswell and then SW swell peaking Sunday morning.

Longer term a larger W/SW groundswell is on the cards for Monday afternoon and Tuesday, but we'll review this on Wednesday.