South Australian Surf Forecast (Wed 25th Dec)

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South Australian Forecast (issued Wednesday 25th December)

Best Days: Tiny Mid waves later Thursday/Friday, Saturday morning, tiny Mid waves Sunday


Merry Christmas from the Swellnet team! Monday's onshore change kicked up a small S'ly swell that eased through yesterday across the South Coast from 2ft across most locations, with the odd bigger set out at Waits and Parsons under light variable winds during the morning.

Today has started out small and clean but a new S/SW groundswell should fill in during the day and peak later this afternoon but a shallow W'ly change will move through. The Mid Coast won't see too much size at all from this swell and remain tiny.

This week (Dec 26 - 27)

This afternoon's increase in S/SW groundswell should ease back into tomorrow morning, but a new SW groundswell is expected to arrive later in the day and peak Friday morning. Unfortunately winds will be fresh from the S-S/SE tomorrow and SE into Friday leaving no real options for a decent wave.

The Mid Coast should see a bit more action though with sets to 1ft later tomorrow and most of Friday.

This weekend onwards (Dec 28 onwards)

Saturday morning will be the only time to get a decent wave on the South Coast over the weekend with a light variable wind from the N'th at dawn ahead of a strong S/SW change mid-morning.

There won't be much swell left from Friday though, with exposed beaches offering the most size.

Saturday's change will kick up a stormy S/SW windswell which will then peak Sunday mixed in with a longer-range SW groundswell (pictured right). At the moment the models are combining both swells and over estimating the size Sunday, but in reality we'll likely see 3ft waves at Middleton and 4ft to occasional 5ft sets at Waits. Winds will be poor though and fresh from the S/SE.

The Mid Coast will offer much cleaner waves though and come in at 1ft.

Longer term, the SW groundswell and S/SW windswell will ease through early next week with average SE winds Monday and E'ly winds Tuesday morning. By the time winds swing offshore on Wednesday there's not much size expected across the South Coast.