Northern NSW and South East Queensland Surf Forecast (Wed 25th Nov)

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Northern NSW and South East Queensland Forecast by Craig Brokensha (issued Wednesday 25th December)

Best Days: Thursday morning at south swell magnets, Saturday morning, Sunday morning


Merry Christmas from the Swellnet team! Small levels of E'ly swell persisted across SE Qld yesterday to 1-2ft but moderate N'ly winds created average conditions from the get go and became stronger during the day. The North Coast saw a mix of NE windswell in the morning and then late increase in S'ly swell as a S'ly change moved up the coast.

Today the S'ly swell is providing 2ft waves across the North Coast, while SE Qld continued at a small 1ft to occasionally 2ft out of the east.

This week (Dec 26 - 27)

There's not much on the cards for the end of the week, with a secondary pulse of small S'ly swell expected to keep 1-2ft waves hitting the North Coast tomorrow morning before fading Friday.

The Gold and Sunny Coasts should continue to offer 1ft to occasionally 2ft sets under light morning NW winds.

This weekend onwards (Dec 28 onwards)

A weak surface trough forming off Seal Rocks tomorrow and then moving east through Friday (pictured right) will produce a late increase in S/SE windswell Friday with a better pulse of SE swell for Saturday to 2ft+ across the North Coast, larger on the Mid North Coast. The Goldy is only expected to see 1-2ft waves off this source.

Winds Saturday morning should be light to moderate from the S/SW favouring slightly protected spots.

The swell will drop out Sunday under N'ly winds, while next week will consist of an initial pulse of S/SE swell Monday with average S-SE winds as a surface trough pushes up the NSW coast. This trough will weaken off our region into the middle of the week resulting in the swell easing and swinging more E'ly as winds linger from the east.

Longer term we're likely to see building levels of NE windswell into the end of the week, but we'll review this again Friday.