Philippines forecast, Surfline vs Swellnet

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bogtrotter676767 started the topic in Sunday, 25 Jun 2023 at 10:11am

Love Swellnet for the forums and general shit talk. The reason I subscribe to surfline is that SW has no Philippines forecast. I have a 3-4 hr drive north, south or east for a few days of waves, depending what swell is on, and half the time get skunked. Could we have even a minimal forecast please? :) Surfline forecasts are predominantly garbage, always good surf 2 weeks out on their "16 day forecast" which the majority of the time never eventuates. How many times it's gone from 25' 'good' to the next day '2' poor' I do not know. Also do not know how the hell they can get is so diabolically wrong. Forecast says 6'-8' , look at the charts and there's barely a 2' swell pushing in wtf...The reefs here can be mind blowingly good, just have to catch them...going by surf forecast websites it's mostly hit and miss. Kind of DIY my forecasts now off stomsurf charts. Better than the alternatives.

Biggest load of vomit on SL though, Nick Carrol surely has to be one of the biggest flogs in the surfing world along with that excruciating nob Occy. Guy thinks he went to some creative writing class and that morphs into truly excreable "prose" ie dancing this and that all the time, pretty this and that, always banging on about the "light" , playing etc etc etc. Makes articles unreadable except for the barest skim. But I have no choice.

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Craig Monday, 26 Jun 2023 at 11:06am

Hey mate,

We've got Phillipines forecasts here, not the best labelled.

The 16-day will always vary as GFS is very optimistic longer-term but keep an eye on trends.

Try these..