Southern Tasmania Surf Forecast (Mon 16th Dec)

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Southern Tasmania Forecast (issued Monday 16th December)

Best Days: Wednesday afternoon, early Thursday


A fun 2ft of swell filled in Saturday with morning W/NW winds favouring slightly protected spots. The swell dropped back to a tiny 1ft on Sunday with straighter offshores, while we're looking at a continuation of tiny 1ft waves today.

This week (Dec 17 - 20)

Tomorrow will remain tiny but a new SW groundswell is expected on Wednesday, peaking during the afternoon. This will be generated by a small and intense polar front moving through our swell window today and tomorrow. A peak to 2ft is expected across Clifton before easing from 1-2ft Thursday morning.

N/NE winds will favour more exposed spots on Wednesday with Thursday seeing early offshore winds ahead of a shallow W/SW change.

This weekend (Dec 21 onwards)

This weekend won't consistent of any major swell with a tiny mix of SW groundswell and S/SW windswell not expected to top 1ft.

Longer term we may see some slightly stronger SW groundswell through Tuesday next week from another polar front, but check back here on Wednesday for an update on this.