South Australian Surf Forecast (Fri 13th Dec)

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South Australian Forecast (issued Friday 13th December)

Best Days: Saturday morning, Sunday morning, Monday-Tuesday in protected spots, Wednesday morning at exposed spots


A solid pulse of S/SW groundswell eased slowly yesterday across the South Coast with morning W'ly winds favouring protected spots, while the Mid Coast saw bumpy 1ft waves.

Today the swell was back to a smaller 3ft down South with a light W/NW breeze creating fun waves across most spots. A fresh onshore wind has since developed creating poor conditions.

This weekend (Dec 14 -15)

A good pulse of S/SW groundswell is expected across the South Coast tomorrow, peaking during the afternoon before easing through Sunday and further into next week.

This was generated by a strong polar front pushing up towards Victoria yesterday and today (pictured right), with a peak expected across Middleton to 3-5ft with 4-5ft sets at Waits during the late afternoon.

A drop from 3ft to occasionally 4ft across most spots is then due on Sunday. The Mid will fail to offer anything above 1ft all weekend.

Winds will be less than perfect but workable each morning down South with a light and most likely variable S/SE wind tomorrow and SE winds Sunday morning. The afternoons will be choppy with stronger sea breezes.

Longer term (Dec 16 onwards)

As the S/SW swell eases early next week winds will linger from the E/SE across the South Coast leaving protected locations with the best waves, while Wednesday should see a more favourable N/NE but the swell will be tiny and only really workable at swell magnets.

Longer term there's nothing major on the cards with small and inconsistent background energy into the end of the week with favourable winds up until Friday afternoon.