South Australian Surf Forecast (Wed 11th Dec)

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South Australian Forecast (issued Wednesday 13th December)

Best Days: Every morning over the coming period on the South Coast


A strong increase in SW swell was seen yesterday to a semi-stormy 2-3ft on the Mid Coast and 4-5ft on the South Coast with fresh W/SW winds. The swell has eased back a touch today to 3-5ft, but conditions were good again down South with early W/NW winds. The Mid Coast saw a drop in size back to 1-2ft with persistent onshore winds.

This week and weekend (Dec 11 – 15)

The recent run of medium sized S/SW swell across the South Coast will continue over the coming period as the Long Wave Trough continues to project polar fronts up through our swell window.

Into tomorrow and Friday morning though we'll see wave heights dropping, from 3-4ft or so across most spots tomorrow morning, with smaller 2-3ft+ waves Friday morning. The Mid Coast will become tiny and back off to 1ft or so.

Winds will persist from the W-SW, with the cleanest conditions being found in protected locations during the early-mid morning.

A new S/SW groundswell should build slowly Friday ahead of a further kick Saturday generated by a couple of strong and back to back polar fronts pushing up towards Vicco during the end of this week (pictured right).

A peak in size is expected later Saturday to 3-5ft across Middleton and 4-5ft at Waits but winds will be light S'ly and increasing during the day with similar winds from the SE Sunday. So the morning's will offer the best but not perfect conditions. The Mid Coast isn't expected to see much size above 1ft from these swells, but beginners will have a ball.

Next week onwards (Dec 16 onwards)

A steady downwards trend in size is expected from Sunday as the frontal activity ceases and winds swing more E'ly. We may see some new swell the following weekend but it looks to be with onshore winds. Check back here on Friday for the latest on this though.