Northern NSW and South East Queensland Surf Forecast (Mon 9th Nov)

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Northern NSW and South East Queensland Forecast by Craig Brokensha (issued Monday 9th December)

Best Days: Early Tuesday at south swell magnets


A fresh pulse of S'ly swell made its way up the North Coast Saturday with south facing beaches being the standout under morning offshores and the most size. A stronger but less consistent S'ly groundswell filled in yesterday with size ranging across the coast due to the higher period focussing or deflecting the swell into certain breaks.

Most exposed spots were in the 3-5ft range, but 6ft sets were seen across various locations as early N'ly winds strengthened from the NE. The Goldy saw a touch more size to 2ft at open beaches, while exposed spots offered the best of it.

Today the swell was still hanging in the 3-5ft range across the North Coast out of the S/SE and 1-2ft across the Goldy's open beaches, with bigger sets on the Tweed and other exposed spots. N'ly winds limited the best surf to protected northern corners though and these are already strengthening from the N/NE.

This week (Dec 9 - 13)

There's not much on the cards for the current forecast period, with today's S/SE groundswell expected to fade back from 2ft+ or so early tomorrow while a NE windswell develops into the afternoon. Fresh N/NW winds during the morning will favour south swell magnets, so make the most of the easing swell.

Come Wednesday the NE windswell will continue at small and weak levels, while Thursday will see the NE windswell fade as a shallow S'ly change moves up the coast.

This weekend onwards (Dec 14 onwards)

There's nothing too major on the cards for the weekend besides small levels of E'ly swell from a weak fetch of E'ly winds in the Northern Tasman Sea. Check back here on Wednesday for any changes or upgrades to the outlook though.