Southern Tasmania Surf Forecast (Wed 4th Dec)

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Southern Tasmania Forecast (issued Wednesday 4th December)

Best Days: Early Friday, Saturday morning


The surf was tiny yesterday, but today a slight increase in size has been seen, but it's been more aimed towards beginners rather than serious surfers.

This week (Dec 4– Dec 6)

Thursday afternoon's swell has been pushed back more towards Friday with the frontal system moving in from the west expected to be a touch weaker and move a little slower than forecast Monday.

A late increase in S/SW swell is due tomorrow to 2ft, with a peak 2ft+ Friday morning. Winds early Friday look a little dicey but there's a good chance of an early W'ly.

This weekend (Dec 7 onwards)

Friday's S'ly swell will continue to fade into the weekend but winds will be W/NW early Saturday creating clean conditions, while Sunday will see fresh N/NE winds but with no real swell above 1ft.

The longer term outlook is a bit more positive with a couple of polar fronts expected to push up towards the Bight from Sunday through most of next week, but this isn't the best for us. This will see the fronts moving out of our swell window (pictured right), with only 1-2ft waves max expected across the South Arm.

Check back here on Friday though to see if any of the fronts move more favourably into our swell window.