South Australian Surf Forecast (Wed 4th Dec)

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South Australian Forecast (issued Wednesday 4th December)

Best Days: Saturday morning, early Sunday, Tuesday morning


A fun new SW groundswell filled in yesterday, but the sets were inconsistent. The South Coast saw waves in the 2-3ft range all day with a light onshore breeze, while the Mid Coast offered tiny 1ft+ waves which pulsed a little with the incoming tide.

Today the swell was continuing across both coasts at a similar size with onshore W'ly winds on the Mid which were favouring protected locations down South.

This week (Dec 4 – Dec 6)

A strong cold front moving in from the west this afternoon and evening will kick up a low quality and stormy S/SW swell across the coast tomorrow. Strong onshore winds from the S/SW will leave no real options for a clean wave.

Friday morning will be much better down South but still likely onshore with a light S/SW'ly and an easing swell from 3ft to nearly 4ft or so across most spots. The Mid Coast will still be onshore and dropping from 1ft.

This weekend (Dec 7 onwards)

Exposed locations on the South Coast will offer the best waves over the weekend with a small mix of swells and offshore winds each morning. Saturday will probably be the pick with a lighter N/NE breeze, while Sunday will see stronger N/NW winds, making for tricky wind blown conditions.

The longer term outlook is finally looking more active with a series of polar fronts expected to be aimed up into us from Sunday through most of next week (pictured right). This will create medium sized levels of SW swell for most of the week with winds from the W/NW to SW. Check back here on Friday for the latest on this though.