Western Australian Surf Forecast (issued Friday 29th November)

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Western Australian Surf Forecast by Ben Matson
(issued Friday 29th November)

Best Days: Big and bumpy Saturday, easing from Sunday onwards. Should be some small clean days at exposed spots mid-next week.

Recap: Very little swell all week (although conditions have remained clean) until today when winds swung howling onshore and a mixture of swells started to build across the coast.

This weekend (Nov 30 / Dec 1)
As has been discussed at length over the last week and a half, we've currently got a large swell building across the coast that'll peak in size on Saturday.

Unfortunately, the close proximity of the weather system generating the swell is resulting in strong onshore winds about most coastal regions (at least in Margs and Perth) so there won't be many viable surfing options throughout the region. However we should see a peak in the Margs region around 10ft+ on Saturday, with 4-5ft waves pushing across the Perh metro beaches.

Surf size will ease rapidly on Sunday but only a small improvement is likely on the surface as winds are expected to remain some form of onshore despite the reduced wind strength. So, keep your expectations low.

Next week (Dec 2-6)
Unfortunately, as is common at this time of year we're expecting another significant blocking high to develop across West Oz's swell window over the weekend, which will bring about another extended period of small waves throughout the state for much of next week. Clean conditions are expected through Wednesady and Thursday as a developing heat trough along the West Coast directs easterly winds about the south-western corner of the state, however we'll be back to exposed small wave spots by this time. This small spell is expected persist for much of the week.

Longer term (Dec 7 onwards)

A moderate front passing between Heard Island and the mainland on Wednesday and Thursday should give rise to a minor swell event next weekend (around next Saturday) but no great size is expected from it at this stage (maybe 3ft or 4ft if we're lucky - keep ean eye out for a late increase Friday too). Other than that there is nothing of any major interest standing out in the long range charts at this stage.