South Australian Surf Forecast (Fri 22nd Nov)

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South Australian Forecast (issued Friday 22nd November)

Best Days: Monday morning for keen surfers, Tuesday morning for small leftovers, Wednesday morning at exposed spots (don't expect much)


Poor surf continued down South yesterday, while the Mid Coast saw tiny offerings for beginners around low tide on the beaches. More of the same today with no decent waves around the Adelaide region.

This weekend (Nov 23-24)

There'll be plenty of S'ly swell breaking across the South Coast over the weekend but no options for a decent surf with strong but easing S/SE winds. A low pressure system stalling over Tassie aiming a fetch of strong S/SE winds towards us is responsible for the swell (pictured right) and we'll see this system move off to the east through Sunday.

Next week (Nov 25 onwards)

The low moving off to the east will allow winds to swing to a more favourable E/NE across the South Coast Monday morning, but the swell will be weak, peaky and easing from 2ft to nearly 3ft or so.

Tuesday and Wednesday will offer cleaner conditions again but there'll be little to no swell leftover with Waits and Parsons the only option for a small to tiny wave.

Longer term there's still nothing significant but have a check of the models over the weekend and the notes here again on Monday.