Northern NSW and South East Queensland Surf Forecast (Fri 22nd Nov)

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Northern NSW and South East Queensland Forecast by Craig Brokensha (issued Friday 22nd November)

Best Days: Saturday morning, Sunday morning, Monday mornng, Wednesday morning


Small levels of E'ly swell started to show across both regions yesterday coming in at 1-2ft during the morning before muscling up to 2ft+ or so into the evening. Afternoon sea breezes offered no real decent options for a late surf though.

Today a stronger E/SE swell has filled in coming in at 2-3ft across the North Coast, while the Goldy was smaller and in the 2ft+ range. Winds were light offshore across most regions early but sea breezes are since starting to develop.

This weekend (Nov 23-24)

The weekend is looking good with a slow drop in E/SE swell with morning NW winds favouring northern ends of beaches.

The trough/low responsible for the swell sitting in the Central Tasman Sea is slowly weakening but still aiming a healthy fetch of E'ly winds towards us, keeping fun sized waves hitting the coast.

Next week (Nov 25-29)

Next week will start off slow with the E'ly swell persisting at 1-2ft at open beaches but a strong pulse of S'ly swell is due Wednesday. This will be generated as a surface low moving slowly across Tasmania, into the entrance of the Southern Tasman Sea deepens later this weekend.

The Southern NSW Coast should see a large swell being generated as a fetch of S/SE gales are projected up the East Coast (pictured right). We'll see most of the swell blocked by Seal Rocks but still, some medium to large S'ly swell should make its way into us next Wednesday.

The Goldy won't see much size at all due to the acute S'ly direction of the swell, but check back here Monday for an update on the forecast.