Northern NSW and South East Queensland Surf Forecast (Wed 13th Nov)

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Northern NSW and South East Queensland Forecast by Craig Brokensha (issued Wednesday 13th November)

Best Days: Thursday morning, Friday morning, Saturday morning


The North Coast's northern corners and south swell magnets offered the best waves yesterday with a fun mix of S/SE and NE swells. The Goldy was average with a weak north-east windswell and northerly winds.

This morning the NE windswell is much stronger across both regions, coming in at 2ft on the Sunny Coast, 2-3ft on the Goldy and 3ft on the North Coast. Winds backed off again overnight but are lingering from the northern corner, favouring northern ends of beaches again.

This week (Nov 13-15)

The next two mornings look to provide the best waves over the coming period, with an easing NE swell and light offshore winds from the W tomorrow and W/SW winds Friday morning as a new E/SE swell peaks.

The E/SE swell has been generated the last day or so by a fetch of strong to gale-force E/SE winds exiting New Zealand's Cook Strait and should keep inconsistent 2ft sets hitting open beaches most of Friday (slightly above model forecasts).

This weekend (Nov 16-17)

There's nothing significant due over the weekend besides small levels of E'ly swell to 1-2ft or so with light winds each morning creating clean glassy conditions.

Longer term (Nov 18 onwards)

The models are divergent on the outlook for next week regarding the intensification of a couple of surface troughs off the NSW coast. Latest updates have a weak system deepening off Seal Rocks, with a small E/SE windswell failing to make it up to Northern NSW. We'll have to review this all again on Friday though.